It's summer. For many that means loads of free time, for me it means crossing things off of my roadmap.

The school year came and went at an ever increasing speed. I started the year planning of learning Java, C#, and Python. Learning C# came with CNIT 155 - Intro to Programming, Python came with ease, I had already learned a majority of it. But I was doing more than just learning these languages, I was learning how to program. Sure I had struggled along to write programs before this but I was not programming, I was stitching together snippets of code I found off StackExchange, or some other corner of the web. My Frankenstien's monster of a program worked, but was unreadable, dirty, and all together crap.

It's summer now, and I want to focus all of this energy into learning Java. I will be posting updates to my learning weekly (or after the 2nd week, whenever I remember to).