When I started this blog I wanted to get a framework to create the site and make it painless to post. No more editing raw HTML for every post and then updating the index to hold the new page. Gone were the days of Dreamweaver. I needed a platform that was fresh. Too many sites have that default "Google Blogspot" look. I wanted something that I could customize down the the bone then leave be. Luckily around that time I heard of Ghost, a blogging platform that had just released to the public. It was exactly what I needed! Easy to use and easy to post, plus I could make it look however I wanted! Life was good.
Classic Car Stage

So I install Ghost and get it's default theme Casper looking not-so-default and I begin to post. The next day I would tinker with Casper some more and then write another post, the next day the same thing, graduly it became that I was more than tinkering with Casper. I would spend hours changing CSS, Color Codes, and Fonts. The six post on my blog looked really well but what's the point of making it look good if it's not up to date. It became the proverbial Classic Car, countless dollars, hours, and brainpower all poured into a car that will A. never be finished, and B. never be used. The reasoning behind this stage is simple: what I want my blog to look like differs upon every refresh of the screen. After reading someone else's blog I want to mirror their look, I want to take something of theirs and incorporate it.

Keep It Simple Stupid.

The KISS Method as it's called is the poor man's Occam's Razor. I originally fell in love with Ghost for the fact that it was clean and simple. It matched Apple's design (they even feature a MacBook Pro on its homepage). Suddenly "clean and simple" became more work than when I did all the HTML by hand. Suddenly the very reason I changed my method for blogging was the same affliction I faced now. I am still struggling to leave the blog to what it is: a blog. I don't want this to be a blog of "I'll blog more" post.