I spent the better half of December and the begining of January with 20% hearing in my left ear and 40% in my right ear. I had had Strep Throat which in case caused the Eustachian tubes in my ears to become swollen shut, thus my ears did not drain.
Here's what I learned:

I learned that hearing things to the left of you depends 90% on the left ear (and vice versa).

I learned that the human heart beat can be heard though the ear, always. Never ending.

I learned that your throat, nose, and ears are all conected and if one becomes inflamed chances are the others will follow soon after.

After being on two different medications my throat issue cleared up, but did not affect my ears at all. I tried all kinds of things I could think of; sleeping on one side, pouring water in my ears, yawning. Nothing worked.

Then I went to my University's Health Center just for a check that it was in-fact, just my ears that were wrong. The doctor thankfully put me on a 6-day steroid regiment that is working. I'm on day 3 now and my hearing is slowly improving!