Ghost is an easy to use blogging platform that uses Node.js to host a out-of-the-box blogging platform.
Or that was the idea.

First off it was a pain getting Node.js to the right form because
sudo apt-get install nodejs installs 0.6.x when Ghost requires 0.10.x. Updating Node.js is not as easy as it sounds either (atleast to someone who has never used Node.js.

Then came installing Ghost

Ghost is a beautiful platform, but it's brand new (0.3) and it uses
NPM something I've never used, on top of that my Ubuntu distro didn't have Git, Nodejs, NPM, or a working DNS server. Once Ghost got working then came setting up the email for user accounts. I decided to go with Mailgun because the Ghost developers suggest it.

Anyways, this blog will be my adventures through technology as I go through college.