The Razr Maxx was one of Motorolla's last great phones before being bought by Google. You'd think it would get the newest versions of Android (Kit Kat) seeing as it as the hardware to keep up. Well it's not and there's nothing we can do about it.

I've put CyanogenMod on my Razr one time before. It took me longer to install then it did for me to decided to take it off again. It confused me and I felt "limited". Now with a bit more experience around me I decided to give CyanogenMod one more go.
How I bricked my Razr

When you flash a ROM like CyanogenMod most times you remove stock Android, then install the ROM. I got half way though this. I had successfully removed stock Android, then I ran out of space to install CM. It turns out that my /sdcard/ (internal) was full and that it need to be purged. I, not thinking, did a rm -r /sdcard/ this purged everything from /sdcard/. It gave me all the room I needed, but took away all my photos.

Luckily I used TitaniumBackup before doing any of this (Backups are your friend!). I also used SafeStrap to prevent too much damage being done. This saved me a lot of stress. The next step after getting CyanogenMod (after installing Google Apps as well). Was to get it up and running. CM is great for having a new phone feel but it lacks some of the polish that Stock Android had. In my case I cannot turn my phone on while it is on the charger.

But the drawbacks are nothing in comparison of what CM brings to the table over Android. If I had to do anything different I would back up everything to an external storage device that wasn't the External MicroSD Card.

Just in case.