Custom New Tab (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE)

If you browse the internet everyday like I do there are a select group of websites you visit almost everyday, so why not make your new tab page have links to these websites to help you save time? Even if you choose not to use a custom built new tab you can use any website as your new tab.


The easiest way to show you why you should use a custom new tab page is to show you what my homepage and new tab looks like.
My custom start page This is what I see any time I open a new tab or a new window in my browser. As you can see there are three boxes broken down by category, each with their own title and items. Each one of these items is a link to a webpage I commonly use in that category. Above those boxes I put the Arch Linux logo (as Arch Linux is my default OS).

This is just a sample of what you can do. This works by loading a webpage (either local or remote) upon the opening of a new tab or window, meaning you can wield the full force of any HTML, JavaScript, PHP, etc you can normally use in a webpage because it is a webpage. Like I said above, this also means you can use ANY webpage such as Google, or a random Wikipedia page (


  1. Firefox
  2. Chrome
  3. Safari
  4. Internet Explorer


1. Download and install the Custom New Tab extension
2. Select the "hamburger" menu in the top right > Add-ons > Extensions
3. Select the "Preferences" option on the Custom New Tab extension and enter your custom new tab URL and choose any other option you want
Custom New Tab extension Preferences After all your preferences are set your custom new tab page should work!
Notice: there is a slight delay if you choose the "Place focus in URL bar" and "Make URL bar empty" options, meaning some of your text will be erased if you start typing before the URL bar is cleared.


1. Download and install New Tab Redirect
2. Select the "hamburger" menu in the top right and select "Settings", then select "Extensions" along the left
3. Under "New Tab Redirect" select "Options" and enter your custom URL
New Tab Redirect Options After all your preferences are set your custom new tab page should work!


In Safari you can simply set your homepage as the new tab page, this is done by going to Safari > Preferences > General, and setting "New tabs open with:" to "Homepage". Safari Preferences After all your preferences are set your custom new tab page should work!

Internet Explorer

Coming 12/01/15

The internet was not built for you and me.

Considering that 60% of the world has never used the internet. For those of us who interact with the internet daily, if not hourly we cannot imagine what that would be like. That means that 40% of the world uses the internet, 40% is a failing grade.

But this is about who does and does not use the internet, because the internet was not built for you and me. The internet is inherintly broken, and fixed with duct tape and software that was written before many of the internet's users were born. The amount of knowledge needed to have a basic understanding of how the world wide web alone (internet != world wide web) we must understand security.

If you work in the tech industry or have intimate knowledge of how to keep yourself secure take your knowledge out and put yourself in the shoes of Jessica, an amazing piece written by @SwiftOnSecurity.

Go on, read it. I'll be right here

Now you get it, the internet was not built for you and me, or anyone else. It was not even "built", as the very word built implies a master plan. And something as massive as the internet is not planned. ALL early DNS records were hosted in a HOST.TXT on one master computer. HTML was written by an engineer physicist, thus inventing the very idea of a "web developer"!
I have to say that now I regret that the syntax is so clumsy. I would like to be just written http:com/example/foo/bar/baz where the client would figure out that existed and was the server to contact. But it is too late now. It turned out the shorthand "//" is rarely used and so we could dispense with the "//". -Tim Berners-Lee

This is the guy who made McAfee Antivirus [NSFW]

The internet was never meant to serve 1% of the people it does now, and there are still 60% of us not using it. The next 20 years of changes to the internet will be a fun one.


Book Cover Websites

As I browse Hacker News I've noticed a trend in web design. Webpages that have a "book cover" feel to them. You load into the site and are greeted by a large field of a single color, and a logo in the center. Many times there is a Login button at the top right and not much else is visible. The actual content of the page is viewed by scrolling down.

It's better just to see. (All gathered from Hacker New's front page)

These designs normally are accompanied by non-standard TLD's (.io, .me, .im, etc).

This is not a blog about how bad this looks, in fact I actually like it.