The HTC One is a great phone, this blog isn't about that, it's about how Verizon ruined that phone.

My story starts with a Motorola Razr Maxx, a phone I loved for a very long time until the screen broke. I chose the Verizon HTC One (m7vzw). It was white, beautiful, and was on the list of devices that would run Android 4.4, great, awesome.

I get the phone and it quickly becomes my favorite cellphone of all time! I unlock it with the HTC Dev and get it rooted, pay for a few root only apps like Sixaxis Controller, Root Explorer, etc.

4.4 comes out for Verizon and I wait for the release, wait a bit more, wait a month, two, suddenly three months and my phone never recieved the 4.4 update. The hell? Factory reset, same story.

Get ahold of Verizon, they tell me that I can send in my phone and get a refurbished one that has the correct basebands (the reason for my issue). To get the story straight I paid for a BRAND NEW phone that ends up NOT working and so I am given a refurbished phone to fix it, not a new phone, someone's old one. Whatever, I was going to raise hell if the phone wasn't perfect when I got it.

A week goes by and I get my newly refurbished phone, it looks fine, send my old (new) phone back. Within two days I realize that the lock button on the top of the phone is SUPER sensitive and if the phone is upside down in my pocket it will reboot because of the power button being held down (with the case I have)! But, I can live with that, I'll just always have it upright in my pocket. The good news is I finally get to experince 4.4, it's beautiful and magical. I truly love this phone and I truly love Android.

In all of my joy of having 4.4 I never really got around to rooting the phone, it was always on the to-do list but never at the top. School ends and I go home for the summer, and suddenly rooting my phone is my project for the day. I go to HTC's Dev website to unlock the bootloader (aka root), enter the code it ask for, and BOOM.

Error: MID not accepted.

Verizon blocks unlocking the Bootloader for 4.4 even though HTC allows it.

Go to hell, Verizon.

Update: Weaksauce works for getting root.

I realise there will (if not already is) a work around for this, but the simple fact that Verizon is the ONLY network to prevent unlocking is idiotic, and just another nail in their coffin for me.