BitCoins exploded. When the price was in the ~$400 range I was hesitant to think they would ever break the $600 dollar mark. Now, $750 was the high for today (November 18th, 2013). It's scary to watch and not think of the DotCom Bubble.

(NASDAQ Closing Value 1994-2008)

(MtGox Average Price June-November 2013)

This isn't the first time that BitCoin has been on a bubble, in the beginning of April this year the prices were ~$220 a coin and then the market crashed to ~$70 a coin on April 16th. That was a two week period. In two weeks of November the prices has gone from $250 to ~$700, the fall (if it happens) will be just as hard.

There is hope that this is just the beginning. BitCoins have left the realm of "That stuff you buy drugs with" and has become a legit currency.