What happens when one of your blog post goes semi-viral?

You gain 4,080 users (from 26, ever) , and 5,416 page views (from 52, ever).

My recent blog post AngularJS + HTML5 + CSS = Magic was only personally posted on HackerNews for eight points and Reddit's AngularJS subreddit for 0 upvotes. Although these are failures in terms of upvotes the blog was viewed more than 5k times in 24 hours. This may not be a lot to many people but for this blog, whose main reader is myself and my girlfriend, it made my day.

I was averaging sixty concurrent viewers for 24 hours, the blog received 7 comments (three of them mine). It was tweet/retweet around Twitter 39 times and was shared on Facebook at least twice.

While these are no where near killer numbers I am extremely happy and proud. Thank you all who read, shared, and commented.