Custom New Tab (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE)

If you browse the internet everyday like I do there are a select group of websites you visit almost everyday, so why not make your new tab page have links to these websites to help you save time? Even if you choose not to use a custom built new tab you can use any website as your new tab.


The easiest way to show you why you should use a custom new tab page is to show you what my homepage and new tab looks like.
My custom start page This is what I see any time I open a new tab or a new window in my browser. As you can see there are three boxes broken down by category, each with their own title and items. Each one of these items is a link to a webpage I commonly use in that category. Above those boxes I put the Arch Linux logo (as Arch Linux is my default OS).

This is just a sample of what you can do. This works by loading a webpage (either local or remote) upon the opening of a new tab or window, meaning you can wield the full force of any HTML, JavaScript, PHP, etc you can normally use in a webpage because it is a webpage. Like I said above, this also means you can use ANY webpage such as Google, or a random Wikipedia page (


  1. Firefox
  2. Chrome
  3. Safari
  4. Internet Explorer


1. Download and install the Custom New Tab extension
2. Select the "hamburger" menu in the top right > Add-ons > Extensions
3. Select the "Preferences" option on the Custom New Tab extension and enter your custom new tab URL and choose any other option you want
Custom New Tab extension Preferences After all your preferences are set your custom new tab page should work!
Notice: there is a slight delay if you choose the "Place focus in URL bar" and "Make URL bar empty" options, meaning some of your text will be erased if you start typing before the URL bar is cleared.


1. Download and install New Tab Redirect
2. Select the "hamburger" menu in the top right and select "Settings", then select "Extensions" along the left
3. Under "New Tab Redirect" select "Options" and enter your custom URL
New Tab Redirect Options After all your preferences are set your custom new tab page should work!


In Safari you can simply set your homepage as the new tab page, this is done by going to Safari > Preferences > General, and setting "New tabs open with:" to "Homepage". Safari Preferences After all your preferences are set your custom new tab page should work!

Internet Explorer

Coming 12/01/15

Free Student Software

When you go to college your most likely given a .edu email, this email address is your key to thousands of dollars worth of free software now that you're a student!
GitHub Student Developer

You get all of this for free! (Hint: click "GitHub Student Developer")

  • Atom (Text Editor, free)
  • Bitnami: Business 3 (Cloud apps, $49/month)*
  • CrowdFlower + $50 credit (Data mining, $2,500/month)
  • DigitalOcean (Cloud Hosting, $100 credit)
  • DNSimple (DNS Managment, $3/month)**
  • GitHub Micro (5 Private Repos, $7/month)
  • HackHands (24/7 Programming Support, $25 credit)
  • Namecheap (.me domain, $9/year)*
  • Namecheap (SSL cert, $9/year)*
  • Orchestrate (Database API, $49/month)
  • Screenhero (Screensharing, $9.99/month)
  • SendGrid (Email SAAS, $4.95/month)*
  • Stripe (Payment System, $1,000 credit)
  • Tracvis CI (Cont. Integration Platform, $69/month)
  • Unreal Engine 4 (Game Dev Tools, $19/month)

*One Year
**Two Years

JetBrains Dev Tools

  • ReSharper (Productivity tool for .NET)
  • dotTrace (.NET Performace Profiler)
  • dotCover (.NET Code Coverage Tool)
  • dotMemory (.NET Memory Profiler)
  • IntelliJ IDEA (Java IDE)
  • RubyMine (Ruby on Rail IDE)
  • PyCharm (Python/Django IDE)
  • CLion (C/C++ IDE)
  • PhpStorm (PHP IDE)
  • WebStorm (JavaScript IDE)
  • AppCode (Objective-C IDE)


Way too many to mention, pretty much everything AutoDesk offers is free to students

  • Inventor (Mechanical CAD)
  • Maya (3D Modeler)
  • 3ds Max (3D Modeler)
  • AutoCad (CAD)
  • Fusion 360 (Tool combining design with collaboration)
  • Revit (BIM tools)
  • Much, much more!

This isn't all there is, there are tons of other software out there free or discounted to students.